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January 27, 2008

Super Tuesday states and the race of their voters

Filed under: race, super tuesday — Brian @ 10:33 pm

Super Tuesday is coming up. Based on the differing support that the candidates received based on the voters race (in South Carolina in particular), I though it would be interesting to see the racial makeup of the states in Super Tuesday. For states where exit polls exist in the 2004 Primary for Democrats, I reported those values. I also went to the Census to find the fraction of the population which is African American in all the upcoming Super Tuesday states.

Also, here’s a striking map from the US Census showing where African Americans make up larger fractions of the population – on a county-by-county basis.

In another note, it looks like Latino voters are not too fond of Obama. In Nevada (the only state so far with appreciable numbers of Latinos), he got his lowest support from them. This could be bad for him in those states with high numbers of Latinos (CA, AZ, NY).  An interesting article from the Washington Post goes into more details about the importance of the Latino vote in California.


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