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January 14, 2008

NH primary vote counts different in towns of all sizes

Filed under: diebold, new hampshire — Brian @ 9:43 am

This shows all the cities/towns sorted in decreasing size, and a sliding window average of the hand count vs. Diebold count. My graph shows that for all town sizes, there is a bias toward Hilary in the Diebold machine count. However, my graph also shows a sliding window average of the standard deviations… and the difference between the hand and Diebold counts is well under the standard deviation of the results. If I knew more stats I could calculate a t-test or p-value of the significance of the difference, and I bet it is not statistically significant, but it sure looks curious.

Average hand vs Diebold vote count by town size

I originally posted this on reddit (Jan 10th):


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